STYLE GURU STYLE: Picture Perfect Plaid

If a stranger looked into my closet without knowing me, the first thing they would notice is the amount of dresses, heels and plaid clothing I have! These are my everyday staples I could not go without-except heels might get a day off!

Philip Lim’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection gave me inspiration for my fall style! The collection plays with many rich deep colors that are mixed with different textures. Many of the dresses are tied around the waist and have elements of flow and movement to them. This look of comfort with sophisticated style is what my wardrobe embodies.

Most mornings my first thought is “who says I can’t just wear my PJ’s to class?” but after a hot shower I head to my closet to pick my essentials. The dress I am wearing in the photo is a thinner fleece material that keeps me warm while allowing me to maintain my style. This dress ties around the waist and is a deeper plaid as seen in Phillip Lim’s collection. I dressed it up with my favorite statement necklace and my new hunter green suede heels. With the weather getting colder, this outfit is perfect because you can throw on a chunky knit cardigan and swap the heels for leggings and boots and be good to go!

Shirt dresses that maintain femininity are my favorite. They are my go to for lazy mornings because everyone thinks you put effort into it but it’s the easiest outfit I own!

Get My Look: 1. Plaid shirt dress. 2. A pair of kitten heels. 3. A flashy statement necklace.