Trendy color schemes are sweeping the fashion world. Be careful; you do not want to get lost in the whirlwind of occasional color splashes and monochromatic pallets. You need to stand firm in the trendy tornado and see what is really worth paying attention to here. I am here to tell you about the biggest color trend on the market right now, so you can see clearly in the panic of deciding what colors to stock up on this season.

The question at hand is, what is the new black? For the past few years, it has been black. Everybody has been rocking all black outfits, but the dark ages are coming to an end. Although black is a fantastic basic, a new color scheme is on the rise: pale.

Yes, that’s correct, you heard me—pale colors are coming in hot and heavy. My personal faves are pale blue and millennial pink, but the pale pallet entails so many options more for you to work with. Pale hues are super great to style also. You can pair white as the monochromatic splash to keep the pastels from overpowering the outfit. Since we are so used to wearing all black all the time, do not be afraid to ease into this trend by slowly just adding touches of pale shade here and there until you are comfy with it.

Check out my outfit here. This iridescent bomber jacket is my new favorite for the season. It is light weight and so eye-catching. I paired it with a simple white cropped shirt, just to complement it and keep the bomber the center piece. I am always looking for an opportunity to work gray jeans, and now is the time. Gray jeans paired with pale colors creates such a nice look. I finished this outfit off with my favorite pair of taupe heeled booties. I am such a sucker for heeled booties, let me tell you, you can never go wrong with them. You better believe I am going to repeating this outfit all season.

Although we all love looking powerful and aesthetically pleasing in black, it is time to make some room in your closet for pale colors! Spring is here, summer is approaching, and pale pallets will be everywhere. Get ahead of the game and when you are online shopping browsing the color choices, maybe take a risk and instead of going with safe choice black, check that pale yellow box and watch your style soar. I promise you will be looking posh in pale this season.