Spring is here, and for me, that typically means an onslaught of bright colors and vivid prints. My closet looks a bit like the wardrobe for Pushing Daisies with its vintage silhouettes and Technicolor palette. This spring, however, I’m taking a cue from Tibi’s spring 2015 runway show and giving my wardrobe the Wednesday Addams-inspired kick that it needs. That’s right—black is back, giving spring a darker, edgier look this season.

Though I am typically drawn to a peppier spring look, I fell in love with Tibi’s use of black for spring. They brought the traditionally dark color into spring with modern silhouettes and clean lines that make the look a little less goth girl and a little more sophisticated. I decided to take Tibi’s general philosophy of upgrading black into a clean, minimalist palette. Then I decided to incorporate bits of my own Technicolor style with some of my favorite pieces.

I chose an Urban Outfitters top with an amazing cutout neckline. It adds just the right amount of visual interest to keep a simple outfit from falling flat with its clean lines and caged silhouette. Then I slipped into my current favorite skirt, a silk number from Madewell that is easily the most versatile piece in my closet right now. It’s smooth, minimalistic, but has just the right amount of intrigue in its silhouette.

Though I managed to stick to a monochromatic outfit, I could not resist the urge to punch things up a little with some bright colors. I added my favorite pair of shoes, an amazing pair of sandals that brighten up every room and always leave me feeling confident. I added my favorite new sunglasses with such incredible flash lenses that they actually stopped me in my tracks. What can I say, I get distracted by shiny things.

A swipe of my favorite NARS lip pencil served as the perfect finishing touch to make this minimalist noir look pop for spring in a way that is utterly definitive of my personal style. No matter how minimalist and monochromatic I get, I can never resist throwing in a little quirk that shows my true colors.

Get My Look: 1. A black top. 2. A sleek black skirt. 3. A killer pair of sunglasses.