STYLE GURU STYLE: Oxblood Red and Black

I was very inspired by the runway show resort 2016 by Louis Vuitton, specifically look 18. I absolutely love model Amanda Murphy’s cropped leather jacket. The jacket’s slanted zippers, sleeve pocket and elastic at the bottom really gives this outfit an edgy look. Her black clutch perfectly accents her jacket and shoes. Her unique dress is utterly gorgeous, as her white shirt balances out her oxblood red bottom half.

I translated this runway look into an everyday look that is still a part of my own style. I swapped the leather jacket for a big statement night out on the town fur jacket that has a hint of red in the fur. The subtle red in the fur jacket correlates with my skirt. I channeled the runway look’s red skirt by wearing my own knee-length oxblood red pencil skirt. I paired the skirt with a sexy black lace tank top tucked in to complement my waist line. My black tank top also matches my black fur jacket and heels. For accessories, I decided to pair my ensemble with black chunky dangle earring perfect for going out.

The resort 2016 show inspired me to be bold and keep it classy. I did this by choosing to wear dark colors and articles of clothing that are eye-catching. The result? I am ready for a fun night downtown whether it be at a trendy new restaurant or a lively concert venue.

Get My Look: 1. An oxblood red knee-length pencil skirt. 2. A black lace tank top. 3. A black fur jacket.