STYLE GURU STYLE: Overalls Over Everything

STYLE GURU STYLE: Overalls Over Everything

Happy fall, Fashionistas/os!

We like to do things a little differently down here in Charleston during our beautiful autumn seasons being that it is really hard to distinguish when fall begins. We still hit the beach on Fridays, we still go to the market on Saturdays and we still go all out for brunch on Sundays- same routine, different time of year. Lucky for us, the transition into our fall wardrobes is as easy as scanning your cougar card at our on campus Chick-fil-A, which is why one can get away with sporting white jeans even after Labor Day.

I’m no history major, but I assume that overalls have never gone out of style at any point in time. They are inarguably a statement piece, and can be paired with an array of accessories and additional pieces that make you look and feel rebellious. The white Gap overalls I’m seen sporting are very light, which is perfect, even if the humidity is at an all time high. The olive colored Tobi crop top I wore is one of my favorite fall pieces not only because of how the shade coincides with the fall season, but because I can pair it with virtually anything, just like I can with my adidas. Lastly, we’re all hip to the choker trend, and I have to admit that I am a fan myself as they make any ensemble a tad more edgy.

As I stated in my bio, I am a sucker for finding great deals on great clothing items. Every single piece of my outfit was bought at a discounted price, and it’s always a great feeling knowing that you didn’t have to drain your bank account to look and feel good. From my Gap overalls to my Forever 21 choker, I can’t express how important it is to actually put the effort into finding pieces that are great quality for low prices, especially as college students. I can’t wait to continue to show you all how I like to keep it real style wise in and outside of the classroom this semester!

Quote of the Month: “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” –Harry Winston

Don’t be afraid to stand out, and remember: overalls over everything.