STYLE GURU STYLE: Outside the Norm

I would have to say that my style has transitioned to becoming a mix and match, unique Fashionista, and I am really digging it. The cool thing about it is that now-a-days it’s more fun to be freely expressive of our personalities with what we wear. There are still trendsetting factors like the runway and fast fashion, but street style has become a platform of coming up with the weirdest, coolest looking outfit that makes the heads turn. It’s like now you don’t actually have to go with the trend or style of that season, but use it to your advantage and make something “you” out of it. I think it’s great to see something new for a change that allow us to reevaluate our style and ask ourselves “does this honestly reflect me?”

For this outfit, I stepped out of my comfort zone and threw on a white blouse crop top with gray viscose overalls. With the wide leg crop of the overalls, it made me very selective in the footwear department. I added a pair of black, distressed platform ankle boots, with silver buckle accents that allowed the black, white, and gray neutral outfit to give off a sophisticated, yet comfortable ambiance all in one. To go along with the transition of the winter to spring season, I added a black floppy hat to bring the outfit to its entirety. My normal everyday outfit usually consists of garments that accentuate my body silhouette, however, my impression of going away from the norm has truly fascinated me.

So, maybe my outfit wasn’t completely a head turner, but it was definitely something I wasn’t used to and at the end of the day it worked out! I think pushing yourself from your comfort zone is the best way to unravel things you never knew you liked or would be good at doing. I think I like this new transition.