Winter is out, spring is in!

During a recent trip I took with my best friend to the sunny West Coast I was able to enjoy amazingly cheap food (compared to New York at least), beautiful beaches, and summer-like weather. The last one was the perfect excuse for a little photoshoot for my next CollegeFashionista post.

This time, I decided to wear this off-the-shoulder striped top, which gave the outfit a very fresh and relaxed look. To keep it clean and organized, I paired the look with these white American Eagle Outfitters high-rise shorts. This has become a personal favorite brand of mine when it comes to jeans and pants as well. I added my go-to pair of Tory Burch caramel sandals, which are perfect for those hot summer days. I also wore a jean constellation choker from Agaci to make the outfit a little edgier. Last but not least, a pair of Illesteva sunglasses not only completed the look, but also offered some fashionable protection from the Los Angeles sun.

I was very comfortable in this outfit while feeling straight out of an Instagram summer lookbook. It worked perfectly during the day, and it allowed me to give the typical shorts and flip flops look a more sophisticated touch. I also like that I can mix this exact look with a pair of nude or red heels instead, as well as throw on a nice jacket, and wear it for a night out on the town with my girl friends. If it gets a little chillier, and I tend to be the girl who is always cold, I can always switch the shorts for ripped or solid white jeans.

Now that I’m back in New York I can’t wait to have 80 degree weather every day so that I can continue experimenting with similar looks and continue growing as a Style Guru.