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STYLE GURU STYLE: October Essentials

October 18th, 2016 at 2:10am

October has indubitably always been the season held closest to my heart. My childhood memories growing up in New England were always the most fond to me. Day trips up to New Hampshire for apple picking with my family, watching the leaves change from a vibrant green to a rustic orange, yellow and red, are among many nostalgic moments I deeply cherish until this day. And though I can’t seem to decide if it’s the cooler weather, early sunset, or pumpkin-spice-flavored-everything, October just always seems to have that perplexing aura about it.

So me being me, experiencing my annual “I can’t wait until Halloween!” phase, persuaded myself into thinking a bejeweled cat bag was completely necessary for the month of October. Because after all, black cats are symbolic of the Halloween holiday! So surely enough, I bought the online exclusive kate spade new york bag and found myself even more attached when it arrived at my door step. Adorned with calf-fur and rhinestones, Sabrina the cat clutch/bag  (yes, I did indeed name her), became a staple novelty piece to my Kate Spade collection, truly worth the splurge.

Pairing black-on-black is an easy and simplistic key to coordinating an outfit with minimal effort. Everyone knows black is a timeless, fool-proof and effortless statement for the perfect day-to-day look. And if style and comfort are both of your things, consider combining the classic off-the-shoulder bodysuit with culottes, because I promise you, it’s my new favorite combination for balancing both important factors. And as mentioned, a Kate Spade novelty piece is always a fabulous way to elevate any everyday look–even with a baggy T-shirt and a cute pair of boyfriend jeans!