Being in New York City has been amazing to say the least, but it has really done wonders for my fashion sense! I pulled my inspiration for this ensemble from Faith Connexion’s pre-fall 2016 collection. New York City’s weather is gorgeous during the day, and when the sun goes down it tends to be chilly. I wanted to be comfortable during the day and night, so I styled this casual day to night city look featuring the rad runway line-up from Faith Connexion.

Faith uses a lot of baggy layers to create her street style. Her style could be considered grunge as she ties in style from the ’80s and now. My favorite look from her line is the first photo from the runway show. It features plaid and a jacket tied around the models waist with a great pair of shoes. I love flannels and I find them to be a staple in my wardrobe, so when I saw this picture I knew I needed to style around it!

I also pulled inspiration from the models’ shoes in the collection, as there is not a lot of color in this look. No, I didn’t go with a clown shoe, but hey mine are still pretty awesome in my book. I paired my more neutral look with a bright blue two-strap sandal. I thought the vibrate blue color of the shoe was a nice accent.

Get My Look: 1. Vintage tank. 2. Flannel. 3. Sandals. 4. Jeans.