STYLE GURU STYLE: Nuts For Nautical

Beaches, Fourth of July and a good dose of vitamin D are just a few things that come to mind when I think about spring and summer. You know, those hot days are creeping up faster than you think—I’m ecstatic about this! I’m sure we’re all hard at work updating our wardrobes; that spring-cleaning hit us hard, right? Nautical: it’s the perfect trend to start wiggling into our new and improved closet.

I drew inspiration from Ralph Lauren’s spring ready-to-wear 2016 show. Lauren stuck with a classic, all-American look. The collection was mostly made up of red, blue and white clothing, with spurts of mustard yellow in the mix. You know that rule, “no white after labor day?” Lauren would definitely disapprove.

When I think of Ralph Lauren clothing, patterns other than stripes don’t exactly come to mind, but guess what! Lauren used patterns. He incorporated a striking red, blue and yellow print, which strutted down the runway as a blazer, trench coat and dress. We can’t forget about the bag in this pattern, which made a quick appearance too. In addition to this pattern, Lauren showcased a white and blue floral maxi dress. Both of these patterns took me by surprise because they don’t fall under that stereotypical Ralph Lauren we all think of. That just shows you to expect the unexpected when it comes to fashion.

My favorite part about this line was Lauren’s way of taking the classic aspects we all know and love—think the colors and stripes from before—then twisting them into a rejuvenated garment. As we all know, culottes have made a comeback, or at least they’re trying to; it seems like Lauren got the hint. He strayed away from his usual slim pant and debuted bright white culottes. Paired with a navy blue and white long sleeved crop top, this look is simple, yet makes a powerful statement.

The first thing that came to mind when I was creating a look inspired by Ralph Lauren’s runway show was nautical. I decided to stick with the classics, so no culottes for me. White is a very prominent color in the collection; I knew my white jeans were a must! To get that complete nautical feel, it was a no brainer to pair my striped T-shirt with the jeans. To add a little color, I added my denim jacket to the ensemble. Plus, it’s great for those chilly mornings. As we all know, an outfit is never complete without accessories. I opted for my red ballet flats, big black purse and initial necklace. Whether you’re heading to class or meeting your girls for coffee, my outfit is an easy way you take Lauren’s nautical trend and wear it anywhere. I have to say, what’s better than a trend that reminds you of the summer sun all year long.

Get My Look: 1. Black and white striped T-shirt. 2. White jeans. 3. Denim jacket. 4. Red ballet flats.