STYLE GURU STYLE: Not Your Ordinary Raspberry Beret

She wore a black, edgy beret, and it was not the kind you could find in a second hand store. As it is time to start rolling out the spring attire and retiring our frumpy winter clothes, I took some inspiration from a Scandinavian design duo Soren and Lene Sand, and their latest fall 2015 fashion show. Their line, Sand, gives off the feeling of being edgy and sleek, yet effortlessly chic at the same time which immediately grabbed my attention.

First off, I loved the fact that they played up hats throughout their entire show and who doesn’t want an excuse to break out a fun new accessory. I started with my new camel colored Neff wide brim hat since I’ve waited forever to break it out. I decided to aim for one of the more transitional looks, as I’m always running around town from one class to another or headed to work and then out and about; I never truly know where I’ll end up. With spring knocking on the door I wanted to brighten things up a bit instead of keeping the traditional black on black, so I went for a patterned skirt and a crisp white top to keep it light for a more warm weather vibe. Since it is still a bit cold, I added a pair of black tights to ward off the chilly breeze and went with a pair of black booties to avoid adding too many pops of color. To top it off and add that little bit of edge, I went with a leather-paneled blazer to keep it more fitted on-top and contrast the more flowing skirt.

The fall 2015 show inspired me to aim for that classic yet composed style I saw throughout my travels in Europe and play around with some colors a bit more. I always found it fascinating how straightforward and sophisticated European style was without having to spend hours rustling through your closet to find something that matched or spend hours in front of the mirror trying to get it just right. Although I added a bit more color instead of crazy fabrics and textures in a more neutral color palette, which you’d typically see, I wanted to play around with the overall silhouette and give it a try. I enjoy that it is not too flashy or risky, but instead is just a play on a few basic styles and patterns that exudes a simple and distinctive look.

Get My Look: 1. Trendy hat or beret.  2. Printed skirt. 3. Leather panel blazer.