I would like to show some appreciation for the woman who triggered my obsession for fashion. Once being known as just a stylist, she has successfully made her way to the top being labeled as one of the most influential designers. Hats off to you, Rachel Zoe. My fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos and I salute you and your fall 2014 ready-to-wear line.
In the world of high fashion, it can be somewhat of a challenge to find an outfit that is wearable on a day-to-day basis, but Rachel Zoe has changed the game. From her monochromatic taste to her high neckline structures, the designs spread out on the runway make her pieces unbelievably desirable. The fall 2014 ready-to-wear line is one of my favorites. The amount of sophistication and elegance that goes in to each piece, not in just this collection but all throughout Zoe’s career, is something you can’t always find. The ability to have an undeniable balance between classic, yet chic is a technique that the designer shows across the board. From sketches to cutting fabric, Zoe’s talent is put into every stitch.
Trying my best to give Zoe’s work justice, a piece I picked up from Abercombie & Fitch reminds me of look number 22 of 28 on From the black and white print to the skater skirt structured bottom, this dress is perfect for the upcoming summer months. I loved the spin Zoe took on this look when adding black buckled booties. My rendition-included a brown colored pair with gold buckles from Target. With my own take on the look I added arm candy for an extra touch, bringing out the gold in my shoes.
There’s no question Rachel Zoe continues to grow as a designer with each line. Her talent and dedication is an inspiration to all and I can’t wait to see what’s next for the runway.
Get My Look: 1. Dress. 2. Booties. 3. Jewelry.