STYLE GURU STYLE: Normally Neutral

Not always the biggest fan of how Kanye West might manage his social stardom, I am finding his take on fashion to be creative and innovative. West’s, Yeezy Season 3 is like himself: like no other. It goes without saying this audacious celebrity is recognizable for going against the grain on any given day, but his response and creative practice of fashion is just another expression of his notoriety. It is not necessarily his style that draws me in, but rather his play on neutrality. Despite his social ranking, it is rare to spot West in anything other than solid, dark, and if not dark, neutral tones. His line is thus not only a reflection of his style, but a reflection of his entire life aesthetic: Be loud and be heard in many other ways.

Instead of wearing one neutral color head to toe, which I often do due to my verticality challenge and comfort I find in neutral tones, I chose to wear a variety of neutrals and solids that found its way to a cohesive outfit. Choosing to mix grays, taupes and creams is essentially my take on bold neutrality: it is somewhat risky to pair all three of these neutrals together due to the bold statement they can make, but in wearing the right color on the right garment, success is sure to come.

Immediately, the eye is drawn to the brightness of the oversized, chunky cream sweater. In keeping the ‘Yeezy Aesthetic’ in mind, I went for a cable-knit with an irregular feature: there are actually holes strung together with thick thread so as to give an original take on a classic closet item. Moving down the body, I chose to utilize a washed out gray skinny jean, where the darkest parts mend well with the dark toe of the taupe bootie I chose to finish the outfit with. In keeping the darker items on the lower end of the body and together versus breaking the two up, you achieve an outfit that keeps the eye moving. But to, of course, add my feminine and personal touch, I went with a subtle and delicate long gold necklace, a camel tote for all the necessities, my favorite bright pink sunnies, all wrapped up with a soft marbled pink lip.

Get My Look: 1. Distressed cable knit sweater. 2. Washed out gray jean. 3. Taupe bootie. 4. Pink Ray-Bans. 5. Camel Tote.