STYLE GURU STYLE: No Need To Be Stressed In This Distressed

For months now, I have had my eye open at thrift stores looking for the perfect pair of black pants to distress, refusing to pay $60 dollars for an already ripped pair hanging sadly off some rack in an overpriced chain store. Finally, hidden in the back of a Salvation Army, the perfect pair of high-waisted pants found a new home in my closet. With the stresses of an Ivy League institution overwhelming me only a month into the semester, I felt it was the perfect time to take my pocketknife to the denim, releasing pent up frustration that resulted in a positive outcome. For only six dollars, I have a custom pair of black ripped jeans that can elevate any outfit that looks as if they cost atleast 40.

Although it has been clear through chain stores and blogs, Simon Miller’s runway show at New York Fashion Week solidified the clear trend of distressed denim. Appearing in several looks, the distressed jeans add a grunge overtone to the outfit. Applying this trend to my own sense of style, a cozy cardigan paired with a loose white pleated tank top matched the overcast skies and my mood for the day perfectly.

My recommendation for slaying this distressed trend for any Fashionista or Fashionisto would be to pair the powerful and eye catching pants with a simple top, preferably more form fitting. Accenting the pants with a simple and classic piece such as this tank helps to keep the outfit tasteful. High heeled booties add a sense of sophistication to the ensemble that cannot be replicated with another shoe, such as a sandal. I am a firm believer that heels can spike up any girl’s sense of confidence on a normal day. When I am feeling down, I put on my favorite high heeled booty and strut my stuff.

Often, a trend will surface and many Fashionistas/os will struggle to perfect the look themselves. Many do not understand the need for a change in silhouette, whether it is form fitting or loose, and what it should be paired with. In the case of distressed jeans, it is necessary to compliment such a statement piece with a simplistic top and jacket.

Get My Look: 1. Distressed denim. 2. Simplistic tank top. 3. Oversized cardigan.