STYLE GURU STYLE: Never Fear! Vivid Handbags are Here!

Why not carry a purse that is brighter than a highlighter in the middle of winter? While it is customary to wear dark colors during the winter months, more people should express their style using their favorite color, instead of just hiding their glistening hues for the summer months.

During Paris Fashion Week, Miu Miu presented their pre-fall 2016 collection which contained colorful handbags and outerwear. The collection was heavily influenced by the ’70s and they were not afraid to go heavy on the embellishments. Miu Miu always dresses the woman in a feminine way with the abstract patterns and silhouettes involved in every season. Bright colors will be worn by many different people in this upcoming fall season.

I was inspired to bring these looks on a more basic, everyday level.  The oversized sweater with the exaggerated neckline can be worn with skirts to achieve the Miu Miu trend.  Also, the pearl necklace balanced well with the sweater to show the different textures of each item. Pearls have been a staple in wardrobes since the ’20s, and they leave an everlasting feminine impression. Also, the over-the-knee boots make the outfit flirtatious yet reasonable because of the cooler weather during the fall and winter months. The standout piece of this outfit would be the pink handbag.  When an outfit is almost monochrome, it is good to add a pop of color to stand out among the crowd. This kate spade bag can hold my lipstick, phone and wallet. Basically everything a New Yorker needs. The style structure of the bag is very classic and a similar bowler handbag can be found here.

Ultimately, although the feminine style may adjust slightly with the times, the classic silhouettes will remain. Women should be able to wear bright colors any time of the year and I believe many fashion brands are realizing that colors can sell at any duration of a fashion season.

Get My Look: 1. Turtle neck. 2. Black skirt. 3. Black boots. 4. Pink handbag.