May 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

As you will find during any season, the Moschino runway was full of color, pattern, texture and glam. Their fall 2015 ready-to-wear show was no exception. Summer is quickly approaching and who better to turn to than Moschino for some bright, neon inspiration?

Although recreating such a unique and bold look is quite difficult, I let the colors from the runway inspire me when picking out shorts and a bag. Neon, graffiti-like designs were persistent throughout the show, and I thought these shorts suited that look perfectly. Although the shorts have somewhat of a floral design, they are abstract enough to resemble graffiti. Moschino bags in the show were either neon or patterned so I chose a neon clutch. The clutch matched with the neon pink in my shorts and brought together the entire outfit. Due to the fact my shorts and clutch are both very bold pieces, I chose to go more neutral when picking my shoes and top. I wore fringed sandals on my feet and a white strapless crop top for a shirt. My entire outfit is light, loose, bright and makes for a perfect summer outfit.

This outfit is extremely versatile and perfect for multiple spring or summer occasions. By switching out the flats and pairing the outfit with a bold pair of heels, you can dress up the outfit. As I have learned from Moschino, you can never have enough color or pattern in one outfit. Therefore, if it happens to dip down to a lower temperature, you could also bring together the outfit by wearing a two-piece and match the shorts with a light jacket or bomber.

Get My Look: 1. Marc Jacobs neon clutch. 2. Abstract neon shorts. 3. Fringe sandals.