STYLE GURU STYLE: Mom's the Jean

January 16th, 2017 at 2:10am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Mom's the Jean
While I will always be dedicated to the original skinny jean, I can’t help but be attracted to the new styles of jeans being worn. First there was the boyfriend jean, but just recently I have been noticing mom jeans becoming popular. The difference…well that was something I simply could not put my finger on. Then it hit me, the rise of the jeans was different. One was high-waisted and the other was a relaxed fit. Although I can never truly say what my personal style is, looks that I have seen worn by celebrities, on style websites, or across social media platforms have caused me to be experimental and try different looks. That’s exactly what I have done with the mom jeans I am wearing and I have truly fallen in love.
What is great about a pair of jeans is the wide range of styles that you can create with them. Cuff the jeans, add a white t-shirt, and some converse for a great lazy day feel. You can even change the jeans up by adding a pair of heels, and a tight fitted shirt tucked in with a blazer for a more professional appeal. Any jean that that is cut differently from the typical skinny or straight leg jean will turn heads because many people, at times, seem to nervous to give any other particular cut a try.
For my personal look, I choose a more relaxed appeal for winter. The jeans are paired with a long-sleeve shirt tucked in, and layered with a long sweater. The sweater is perfect for winter and ever so soft to the touch. Sticking with the neutral colors, the booties are a perfect cut, rising just high enough so the height of the shoe still works well with length of the jean. Finally, the cream knit headband has been a wonderful touch to all my outfits since being out in the UK. It not only keeps my head warm but is the perfect alternative to wearing beanies every day.
All the pieces I have chosen are all easily changeable to create a new outfit which I can’t wait to experiment with. For all my Fashionistas/os out there, what item in your closet have you tried experimenting with?