STYLE GURU STYLE: Mix-Match Styles

As a Style Guru, I am constantly taking note of unique styles that I see on campus, but when it comes to characterizing my own style, I find it almost impossible. This is due to the fact that I’d characterize my own style as an everlasting rotation of different styles as my moods and inspirations continuously change.

Although I may not have one specific style, I definitely enjoy dipping into different types of styles and mixing them together in order to go with what I am feeling. I feel that the outfit that I am wearing definitely shows this by the way in which I toughened up a girly, bodycon dress with sneakers and a denim jacket. My waist belt is the best of both worlds as it insinuates my waist while also adding to the edgy feel of the outfit. The final look results in a girly and edgy mix.

I feel that while mixing and matching different styles may make it hard to identify what exactly your style may be, it most definitely results in more excitement in your everyday fit. To me, narrowing down your style results in suffocating some of the potential that could be put toward future outfit opportunities. All styles are worthy or playing around with from day to day.

My advice is never to be too quick to shut down a certain style due to the fact that I truly believe that there are some awesome style tips and ideas that can be found in every type of style that is out there.