Runway trends can be hard to emulate. Oftentimes, they seem too risky or too daring, and we just slink back into our comfort zones and shy away from the fashion show trends. But, what a lot of Fashionistas seem to forget, is that many runway trends can be incorporated into the clothes we already have in our closets.

Creatures of the Wind held a colorful fashion show for their spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. There were lots of prints and cool, calm colors. Blues and yellows stole the show. As near opposites on the color wheel, I was a tad surprised by how much I loved this combination. So, I took to my closet to put together my own Creatures of the Wind-inspired look.

I noticed there were also a lot of prints in the show, typically matched with a solid color. I decided to use this look from the show as my muse. I pulled out a pair of patterned pants from H&M, noticing the similarity in both color and print to the looks featured in the show.

Next, I settled on a solid yellow dolman sleeve top, the color identical to the light yellow used in the show. As I stared at the two pieces, I was a little unsure about how they’d work together, but I went with it. As it turns out, I really love this look.

With warmer weather fast approaching, it’s important to have a few good transitional outfits as the temperature slowly rises. This outfit would be perfect for a mild 60-degree day, while also having “spring” written all over it.

To pull the look together, I threw on some studded light brown ankle booties and a gray lace halter bra to add some simple detail to my upper half. The aviators only enhance the springtime vibes of this outfit.

The blue and the yellow is not a combination I would ever even think to make—I’m much more of a black and earth tones kind of girl. But I absolutely plan on wearing this outfit in the near future. That’s what’s great about exploring fashion shows—while imitating the exact looks on the runway may not be feasible for the average college student, it’s fun and easy to put your own twist on them using the very items in your closet.

Get My Look: 1. Blue printed pants. 2. Yellow top. 3. Brown booties.