STYLE GURU STYLE: Minimal Effort, MAXImum Style

With spring semester coming to an end, it’s safe to say we all have our sights set on summer. Despite April showers turning into snow storms, that hasn’t stopped anyone from bringing out the bright, spring colors we all know and love, including myself. This week, I took my inspiration from alice + olivia’s pre-fall 2015 collection that I adore. The silhouettes remind me of a more laid back, bohemian style by incorporating an array of eclectic prints and different textures that make each garment unique. I appreciated the simplicity of the overall style, yet it was seemingly brought to life in the overall construction and sophisticated presentation.

Despite much of the collection being comprised of more neutral tones and some amazing prints, I decided to put my own twist on things and add a little bit more color to the silhouette. As I’ve been eagerly awaiting maxi skirt weather, I started with a long tribal print skirt to reminiscent to my favorite look in the show in which the model wears a full length flowing skirt that meets right at her waist. Keeping with a free flowing silhouette I opted for a vibrant, asymmetrical blouse.

I wanted to play around with the overall silhouette and construction represented in the collection, but bring a little more life to it through brightening it up a bit. alice + olivia’s pre-fall 2015 collection sure is one that has many unique looks but has a little something for every occasion. Whether you take inspiration from the garments or the silhouettes, the show offers a little something for everyone. So go on and check it out, a little style inspiration goes a long way!

Get My Look: 1. Printed maxi skirt.  2.Trendy top. 3. Neutral tone belt.