STYLE GURU STYLE: Millennial Pink

May 4th, 2017 at 2:00am

Bubblegum, unicorns, Barbie, so many things come to mind when I see the color pink. Surprisingly the color pink is trending. This may be because ’80s fashion is back. The ’80s was a decade of bold style and colors. “That heady mix of salmon, blush, bubblegum, and coral has been popping up on shopping bags (Acne Studios), books (hello, 2016 best-seller Sweetbitter!) and even tabletops.” Take a trip to New York restaurants Café Henrie and Cha Cha Matcha and you’ll see what I mean—millennial pink is everywhere. According to Vogue, “It’s gone viral—and probably for a good reason: According to color therapy expert Constance Hart, pink has a special mood-boosting quality, and she describes it as the color that ‘opens you up to self-love.’”

I am not even a girly girl but the love for the color pink has been helpful for my Instagram aesthetic and how I choose the perfect pop of color for my outfits. I’ve been wearing my rose gold bomber jacket or throwing on my favorite pink bandana. But I just recently found my new favorite pink acid wash boxy denim jacket that I plan to decorate in girly pins and iron on letters, to give it some personality. My black high-waisted jeans are great with every outfit. I put some classic black and white high-top chucks and my graphic Elton John T-shirt that I bought in concert. The black on black makes the pink in my jacket pop.

No matter the context there’s no denying that the color pink has a certain charm. Want to dive into the trend? Try a soft pink romper this summer or exuberant heels that will surely make a splash in the office! Even if you’re not a girly-girl like me, this still works.