STYLE GURU STYLE: Mid-Winter Daydream

Everyone is excited when their birthday comes around. Deciding what to do, where to go, and how to dress. Having a birthday during the winter months can be difficult when it comes to dressing up. Temperatures can dip below 30 degrees, putting party dresses out of the equation. However, with the spike of warm weather, one could get lucky and get the opportunity to dress like it is another season. Although my birthday is in February, which is usually freezing cold, the day of my birthday outing was filled with warm weather. Instead of wearing multiple layers of clothes, I was able slay on my birthday in something less seasonal.

On this particularly warm day in February, I wore a champagne-colored crushed velvet mini dress. The dress was sleeveless, so I accompanied it with a faux fur bomber jacket. On my feet, I wore sparkling gold platform heels. I chose gold accessories to accentuate the color of my dress. I prefer to wear my hair natural, so to finish this look, I did a twist out on my hair.
I chose this outfit because it shows off my personality; I can be quite feisty, and I believe this outfit expresses such. Velvet and fur are a stylish and trendy combination, so I decided to experiment with it for my birthday. The jacket worked especially well because it cooled off as it got later into the evening, and I continued to stay warm. The heels were very comfortable, so I was able to walk around in them for a while without being in pain. Natural hairstyles look better when accompanied by hoop earrings in my opinion, which is why you will always see me wearing hoops whenever I am rocking my natural hair.
To sum things up, do not let a little cool weather keep you from looking your best on your special day. You might even get lucky and end up having a warm winter day like I did!