STYLE GURU STYLE: Menswear Madness

The most recent runway show from J.Crew is my personal favorite this spring. All 29 looks embodied freshness and sophistication. The color scheme of the clothing I would describe to be water and earth tones, very fitting for the spring season. Seeing these looks made me want to dress me want to dress in the boyfriend style all month long! J.Crew took influences from menswear and created a collection with masculine pieces and added a touch of feminism to each ensemble. The runway show proves you can adopt the boyfriend look and still look feminine and chic.

I’ve always been eager to try out new trends in fashion, especially when it pertains to menswear. When boyfriend jeans became popular I jumped on the bandwagon! Loose, comfortable jeans? Umm yes, yay for comfort! So I went for it and decided to use this look to guide me in recreating a J.Crew-inspired outfit with my personal touches.

I started with black, loose high-waisted shorts because I’m a short-shorts kinda gal. I couldn’t get myself to try a pair of basketball type shorts, like those pictured in the collection, they’re just not for me. For my top, I have a sheer, nude colored tank top with an army green button-down layered on top. I’m currently obsessed with earth tones, hence why I chose these colors. And last but not least, lets talk about my shoes. My favorite piece of my outfit is my peep toe, lace-up combat boots. The shoes along with the color scheme I’ve chosen give my look military vibes.

Get My Look: 1. Black high-waisted shorts. 2. Green button-down. 3. Peep toe boots.