STYLE GURU STYLE: Menswear Made Well

When you walk into a store, as far as one can tell, there are pretty clear-cut gender lines; but I often find myself drawn towards the menswear section to some degree. I know there’s no possible way I’m alone here, either. There is something about the clean cut and sharpness in the structure of men’s clothing that I have always been attracted to; although the cuts don’t often flatter a woman’s body, that doesn’t mean you can’t try! But luckily in the midst of 2015, we see gender roles bent back and forth quite often in the fashion world and society in general—and it’s turning out beautifully, creating a whole spectrum of self-expression.

Drawing from Madewell’s fall 2015 runway collection, I combined different menswear-inspired elements to create a warm, comfortable and classic look for the short and fleeting winter days ahead. This particular collection is awesome to me because Madewell as a ready-to-wear brand isn’t as astronomically expensive as most of the other runway designers. They also create quality items that last a lifetime are worth the extra investment.

I started my look with the jeans, as Madewell has built their business on their high quality denim designs—although these are just lookalikes. I added a pair of vegan leather loafer flats, and threw on a coat that resembles that of a menswear overcoat. I accessorized with some face framing Clubmaster style sunglasses and large, yet simple, gold studs. The trusty plaid blanket scarf helped add some femininity to the outfit, but you can do with that as you please! A low ponytail keeps your look slick and stylish and is easy to manage.

Get My Look: 1. A black overcoat. 2. Loafers. 3. Clubmaster sunglasses.