Chanel’s spring ready-to-wear collection was so diverse in fabrics and color pattern, yet showed cohesion throughout. This show was no walk through a Chanel grocery store, but was nothing short of what is expected of Karl Lagerfeld. He opened the collection with vivid tweed and bright paint splatters. I was hypnotized by the psychedelic color palette. Karl used the extreme color to draw the viewer deeper into the collection, and as your eyes are lit up with vibrant color, they suddenly take a turn to minimalistic hues of army green, pale pink and navy. Lagerfeld does not just take us through his collection; rather, he takes us on a Chanel journey, like the viewer is time traveling from the ’70s and into the future.

Chanel’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection ends in masculine black and white dresses, pant suits and skirts, while still incorporating tweed and funky prints. I am always wowed by Chanel’s fashion shows, whether it’s the magnificent clothing, creative settings or the fresh faces walking down the runway. This collection especially caught my minimalistic eye during the black and white phase. Typically, I do not incorporate color into my wardrobe. I stick to a very neutral color pattern: black, white, gray, nude and navy. This may seem very boring to some, but I find it a challenge to see how many combinations I can make of my favorite basic attire.

Today, in honor of Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, I am wearing a graphic tank with one of his famous lines: “I am a working class person, working with class.” I decided to mimic the masculinity of the black and white portion in the Chanel collection for business casual attire. I stuck to my comfort zone in a black tuxedo blazer, that I practically live in, and dark denim, accompanied by a comfortable heel. I had a side thought that my ensemble needed a personal touch, which I decided was my leopard clutch with gold jewels.

This spring 2015 collection gave me inspiration to continue down my masculine and minimalistic track, but gave me ideas on how to experiment with color. Because of this motivation, I vow to take a color risk once per week, even if it’s out of my comfort zone. I will continue mimicking Mr. Lagerfeld’s minimalistic approach to fashion Monday through Friday.

Get My Look: 1. A black tuxedo blazer. 2. The perfect fashion inspired graphic T-shirt. 3. A functional black heel.