STYLE GURU STYLE: Masculine Femininity

I find myself having a hard time putting outfits together that are not just screaming with feminine features.  Whether they be the bright colors, floral patterns or elegant silhouettes, I never seem to shy away from that.  For 13 years, I wore a uniform to school that was the exact opposite of flattering, after all, the pants were made for boys.  As a build my wardrobe in this new and free place of wearing what you want, I noticed that I have strayed away from any item that does not look 90 percent feminine.  However, the game changed when I found this gorgeous pair of marigold shorts.

In the kate spade fall ready-to-wear collection I found the perfect mixture of masculinity and femininity.  As any fashion lover knows, kate spade is all about flirty, quirky style using patterns and pops of color.  In my outfit, I feel as though I filled these criteria.  The simplicity of my black and white plaid T-shirt is greatly complemented by the high-waisted marigold shorts.  These school boy-like shorts have inspired me to not take every outfit so seriously.  They make any blouse, no matter how fancy or casual, so much more interesting and fun.

The best way to transform a mainly plain and masculine outfit into a well-balanced equally girly ensemble is to play with accessories and makeup.  I chose a couple of bangles for arm candy.  The jewels create more dimension in the outfit, as the T-shirt and shorts alone could look quite flat. The larger bangle brings a pop of color to catch a look away from the shorts. Lipstick color can make all the difference in the world to a look.  By coordinating the color of my bangle and lipstick, the look is complete!  Taking this sort of risk has opened my eyes to the endless combinations for outfits that suit my personal style while also staying on track with current trends.

Get My Look: 1. Patterned T-shirt. 2. Funky shorts. 3. Chunky bangle.