STYLE GURU STYLE: Marvelous Maxis

I’ve always been fairly interested in the work of Italian designer Valentino Garavani, who is known simply as Valentino in the world of fashion. Known for his gorgeous and timeless designs, Valentino has dressed many iconic women beginning in the 20th century. In his recent spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, I noticed that one of Valentino’s trademarks in designing dresses is an implementation of long hems, which accentuates the smooth, flowing richness of the fabric. Since I’m a huge fan of maxi skirts (they’re practically portable blankets on your legs!),  I was inspired by this aspect of Valentino’s collection and decided to emulate it!

In my outfit, I chose one of my favorite maxi skirts that I had thrifted a year ago and created a look that would work for winter and spring. While you wouldn’t typically bring out maxi skirts in winter just because of how light and non-insulating the fabric is, they could still totally work! I chose to pair my skirt with a long sleeve sweater, sturdy ankle booties and a statement necklace. Because this particular skirt was patterned, I decided to keep everything else simple to balance it out!

In my opinion, maxi skirts are pieces that are perfect for spring. It’s always slightly tricky to dress in spring weather, where there is sunshine, yet the temperatures are still deceivingly cold. The key to pulling off a maxi when it’s a bit nippy outside is to pair it with warm pieces; I’m talking about booties and sweaters! When the weather does start to warm up, though, switch out the warmer pieces with light and loose textures; it would work perfectly well with the laid back vibe that maxi skirts give off!

Get My Look: 1. A cute maxi skirt. 2. A pair of ankle booties. 3. A simple sweater.