STYLE GURU STYLE: "Man"ochrome

Part of being a Fashionista is appreciating different kinds of fashion. I, for example, enjoy keeping up-to-date on men’s fashion. Staying updated on men’s fashion has not only broadened my knowledge of fashion altogether, but has also influenced my outfit choices.

One of my favorite ways to experiment with my personal style is by shopping in the menswear department at stores. I prefer straight-cut, loose-fitting garments; and because of this, I often purchase tops from the menswear section. With men’s tops being an important component in my wardrobe, I have made it my responsibility to share how women can incorporate menswear into their everyday style.

Balenciaga’s spring 2016 menswear collection is a simple, yet beautiful source of inspiration for Fashionistas hoping to include menswear in their (already feminine) looks. Comprising of mostly monochromatic outfits, Balenciaga’s collection uses cool-toned neutrals to create a timeless color palette.

Taking inspiration from the monochromatic ensembles with chunky boots, I created a menswear-inspired outfit. My look includes a men’s crew neck tucked into a pair of tailored trousers. I layered a boyfriend blazer on top to achieve a masculine, clean-cut look. In attempt to add a feminine flare, I wore chunky platform boots with four-and-a-half inch heels and wore my hair in natural looking waves. To accessorize, I am wearing black sunglasses and a studded leather handbag. I chose black as my color scheme to achieve a sophisticated runway look, but added gold accents to elevate the outfit as a whole.

Wearing men’s clothing is a subtle way to change up a plain, monochromatic outfit. Best of all, it is inexpensive and uncomplicated. Be confident and you’re on your way, Fashionista!

Get My Look: 1. Classic Boyfriend Blazer. 2. Crew Neck T-Shirt. 3. Trousers. 4. Studded Leather Tote. 5. Chunky Platform Boots. 6. Sunglasses.