STYLE GURU STYLE: Making it Your Own

STYLE GURU STYLE: Making it Your Own

This week, I felt super inspired by Vektor’s Berlin fall 2015 line, and that’s not just because it gave me an excuse to wear my wicked awesome NASA jacket. Well, okay, it kind of is, but that’s not the only reason. I decided to check out the show because I’ve been Europe-obsessed since I was a teeny little thing, and Berlin has definitely been calling my name.

Vektor’s line particularly caught my eye because it totally embodies my style; it’s got that urban, tomboy feel. Something about it just makes me want to explore, whether it be in Berlin or even right here in Chicago. I’m definitely a sucker for dark colors, too, so that helped. My favorite part of this look, however, is that it reveals that bomber jackets will be a continuing trend for next fall. YES! I don’t think anyone understands my excitement; I love those things. I totally geek out whenever I wear mine, almost to the point where I feel unstoppable. Dorky, I know, but nothing can ruin my day when I’m rocking my NASA bomber jacket.

Vektor’s line is a bit elegant, and seeing that I’m a college kid who lives to stomp around in her Converse every day, I kept this look casual and funky while still incorporating some of Vektor’s main elements. My staple pieces display the line’s main colors. For example, you can find the red in my Chuck Taylors and my blanket scarf. I rocked the white by throwing on my favorite cut-off T-shirt, and as you can see, my oh-so-precious bomber jacket exhibits the navy. My jacket alone is most reminiscent of Vektor’s line.

I added every other pieces on a whim. I wanted to bring something new to the table and to keep this look fun, rather than entirely elegant. We can get creative with our outfits in college, right? That’s why I sported my camoflauge Ray-Ban wayfarers. I’ve had these babies since 2007, and nothing is stopping me from rocking them today. My denim shirt is also a favorite of mine; as an extra layering piece, it keeps my look busy, just like my shades. The eyeball socks? Well, why not? I’m a bit dorky, so I figured I’d share that with those who didn’t already know. My Michael Kors backpack adds color and draws onlookers to not just the front of my outfit but the back, too. Oh, and custard yellow made it into Pantone’s color list for spring. Score! I had to incorporate some spring colors into this look. I mean, I couldn’t go all out for fall fashion if we haven’t even hit spring just yet; am I right?

Here’s the thing: I wanted to embody Vektor’s look without entirely replicating it. Where’s the fun in that? It’s important to make each look your own, even if you find inspiration in another. So, if you have a wicked awesome NASA jacket, rock it.

Get My Look: 1. Bomber jacket. 2. Wayfarers. 4. Printed socks. 5. Leather backpack. 6. Cut-off T-shirt.