Everyone loves a good plot twist, right? Well, at least most of the time. I suppose it’s hard to appreciate a turn of events if things seem to have taken a wrong turn. However, daring to take a new path almost always directs you toward a revelation. Perhaps not every discovery will end up like you hope, but taking a shot at something you believe in is certainly worth the risk. After all, nothing great ever came out of traveling down a busy road.

Things seemed to have taken a sharp turn when Gucci designer, Frida Giannini suddenly left the company. As a result, it took a strong will and a lot of hard work but Giannini’s departure allowed for some unexpected yet rather sublime looks to grace the runway in the Gucci fall 2015 menswear collection. Head of accessories designer, Alessandro Michele spearheaded the work of a collection that mirrored Giannini’s style though successfully redefined it at the same time. This collection was based off a “nonconformist” approach, making a major statement with its unique accessories.

I was particularly inspired by the looks in this Gucci collection because I truly admire the art of taking chances. So, I decided to follow Alessandro Michele’s lead and make my own leap of faith by incorporating a menswear trend into my wardrobe. Some of the most prominent accessories showcased in this menswear collection were various styles of hats. Since a hat is one of the most practical ways to stay warm in the winter, I decided to take the opportunity to try something bold and go for a knit cap inspired by the design of a masculine silhouette.

In an effort to complement the trendy look of my knit cap, I decided to make the unexpected move of pairing silver and gold accessories. It is not done too often but don’t forget that silver and gold go together like your best friends, which is why I felt that the gold necklaces and bracelets went well with the silver accents of the zipper on my vest and details on my boots. Key final touches to my look included burgundy leggings and a pair of knee-high socks to keep warm and stay cozy in the cold.

Next time you find yourself at a crossroads, be adventurous, follow your heart and don’t ever regret trying something new because moves are meant to be made and life is meant to be lived.

Get My Look: 1. Knit cap. 2. Gold layered necklaces. 3. Burgundy leggings.