February 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

With the winter in full swing here in Madison, I have found myself struggling in putting together outfits that are stylish AND warm. As a self-proclaimed Fashionista, naturally, I refuse to give up my style just because winter is here—so I have had to make due. While sitting back and blissfully enjoying the fall 2016 F/W shows, the Altuzarra fall 2016 ready-to-wear show inspired the change that I so badly needed. The show was filled with layering—turtlenecks under sweaters or dresses, coats galore and pops of fur in cuffs and scarfs. I decided to take these details and present them in a way that any college student would be capable of achieving.

The key is to layer up without getting too bulky along the way. I paired a sleeveless crop top turtleneck with my lighter sweater, making both pieces wearable in the painfully cold air. My printed coat is the statement piece of the look. Although it does not perfectly match the turtleneck, it is in the same color scheme, which helps it all tie together. The detail of the fur cuffs and collar is my absolute favorite at the moment! The black jeans and booties are neutral and help to balance the look.

The other key to this look are the subtle accessories. I love these cheap hoop earrings, that I impulsively purchased one day. They have become an absolute staple in my wardrobe and looks great with hair that is half-up in a bun. I also have a beautiful, quilted bag that pairs perfectly with the coat. The pairing has such a collegiate vibe, and I cannot get enough of it!

My advice for surviving the rest of the winter is this: take a couple of your staple pieces and pair them in new and unique ways. I normally would not think to wear this sleeveless crop top for a winter outfit, but it works wonders when paired with the rest of the items. Experiment, take risks and try something new!

Get My Look: 1. Turtleneck crop top. 2. Pullover sweater. 3. Plaid coat. 4. Black booties. 5. Quilted bag.