STYLE GURU STYLE: Little Black Lingerie

May 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Who knew the outfit you wear to bed could be something you can actually wear out! For us college students, this might be an idea that has been already applied, because we choose to sleep for five minutes longer, rather than using that time to get ready. But unlike the “slept-in” look, this trend uses influences from lingerie in order to create a sexy, comfortable and chic style that anyone can look effortless in.

Givenchy’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection features this lingerie trend throughout the collection. Lace detail is used consistently on the designs, alongside satin and silk fabrics which create a shiny lightweight effect on the garments. The lingerie-inspired tops are paired with loose-fitting pants and blazers in order to create a more elegant and professional look. What I loved the most about this collection was the classic color choice. The only two colors used was black and white, and nothing is classier than using that two color combination.

After awing at Givenchy’s collection, I was inspired to create my own look. I chose to wear a black lightweight spaghetti strap top that has lace detail on the bottom. Underneath the top, I added a black blazer to mimic the style of the collection. The weather was warm in Southern California, so I substituted the idea of loose-fitting pants with a pair of comfortable black faux leather shorts that adds more edge to my outfit. Then, I added a gold statement necklace to my all-black ensemble so the look shows off my personal style. Finally, to complete my look, I top it off with simple black cutout booties to keep a cohesive look.

Get My Look: 1. A lace-detailed top. 2. A black blazer. 3. Shorts. 4. Any statement necklace.