STYLE GURU STYLE: Little Black Dress

There is no piece of clothing I love more than a perfect little black dress. A dress that I can wear to a class presentation, a formal or around town with my friends is an ideal dress—why have a different piece for all this when one dress has the perfect color and silhouette for all of them? The fall 2015 ready-to-wear collections had endless LBD inspiration, such as this beautiful dress by Louis Vuitton, as seen in the fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection.

Many shows (such as Givenchy and Céline) displayed a trend of shift dresses, higher necklines and narrow (but not form-fitting) skirts. The simplified silhouettes were occasionally accented with large coats or statement necklaces. While many trends are about what was on the runway, many designers made a statement with the absence of one accessory: makeup. The models’ faces were fresh and simple, often with nothing on but a lip stain or a touch of eyeliner.

This trend transitioned easily into my own personal style, which is simple and sophisticated for class. While I like to experiment and be unique when I can, I prefer a polished and neutral look for my classes. I decided to try out my crochet black shift dress, which is perfect for a draftier spring morning, with a pair of sparkly flats for some excitement (and a shout-out to the shiny white shoes on the Louis Vuitton runway).

I matched the dress with my favorite statement necklace from LOFT, but I could have also worn a colorful or gold-plated statement necklace for an equally fashionable look. I also added a personal element—a wide-rimmed black hat, which incorporates my personal style and is perfect for rainy or bad hair days. For makeup, I reflected the fresh faces that trended on the runway, opting for no makeup besides mascara and a red lip stain.

Get My Look: 1. Black shift dress. 2. Statement loafers. 3. Silver necklace.