STYLE GURU STYLE: Little Black Bomber

Every Fashionista knows the necessity of having a little black dress in her wardrobe. It has been a fashion staple for years. Their versatility is unmatched by almost any other kind of dress, specifically because you can change the formality of the piece depending on what you pair it with. One recently added piece in my wardrobe that pairs really well with my little black (T-shirt) dress is a black, floral-printed, bomber jacket.

Some of you, like myself, may having been a bit slow to the bomber trend that has been coming back lately. There’s always the concern of whether or not you’ll be able to find something to pair it with or that it will look too bulky on your frame, but there is actually a wide variety of weights and textures of these jackets nowadays and you will likely find one that will be able to fit the bill.

The bomber I am wearing is thin and light weight with a satin texture to it. The texture allows for the piece to easily become more casual or formal, again depending on what is paired with it. Besides the LBD, I enjoy wearing this jacket with a turtleneck shirt and boyfriend jeans or a T-shirt and skinny jeans.

The look I am wearing is also one of my go-tos. As much as I love wearing black head-to- toe, I enjoy allowing black to be the base color and using other pops of color and texture to add dimension to an outfit. Red is a great color for the winter season, so I added my twist to it by pairing a maroon red scarf and tights with the other pieces.

I think this look would be just as great paired with other fun colored and textured tights, jackets and scarves. Makeup wise, this outfit would also pair well with a nice smokey eye and a dark lip for going out–or a subtle nude lip for day, like I’m wearing here.

My takeaways from this look would be to not be afraid of new pieces in your wardrobe and to go and experiment with color, texture and pattern. Having a new item can be a styling challenge, but  let your personality really shine through the creativity of the looks you put together.

With that, I hope everyone finishes out the semester strong and stylish, and I’ll see you in the spring! Happy Holidays!