I have always been a huge fan of soft clothing. I actualIy didn’t start to like wearing jeans until about sixth grade (but thank god that I did). However, although I have gotten a lot more tolerant of more textured pieces, flowy, supersoft tops and bottoms still hold a special place in my heart. That’s why when I found these green linen beach pants in a little boutique in Florida, I immediately grabbed them and took them home with me. Not only can they be worn as beachwear, but also they are also perfect for when your legs need a rest from days of wearing skintight jeans.

A majority of collections seen on the runways during Fashion Week aren’t meant to be worn on a daily basis by college students. Thankfully, Loewe’s 2015 spring ready-to-wear show consisted of looks that were easily adaptable (and allowed me to put my Florida pants to use!) This collection was all about neutral, earthy tones and different textures including leather, silk, suede and my favorite: linen. What I loved about this collection was that it was made exclusively for spring, and the outfits served as ideal inspiration when dressing for the season.

Inspired by the organic aesthetic of the collection, I paired my linen pants with a plain, textured Free People tube top. The Loewe collection kept the color to a minimum in most of the outfits so I opted for adding more texture before adding a pop of color. Since I’m a sucker for statement jewelry I decided to top off my outfit with a bold geometric necklace that had hints of green that matched the pants. I kept my shoe choice super basic because not only did the pants cover my feet, but I wanted to keep the overall look somewhat laid back and beachy.

Get My Look: 1. A white textured tube top. 2. Supersoft green linen pants. 3. A colorful statement necklace.