STYLE GURU STYLE: Leather Weather

Being a fashion major basically means I love everything fashion. With that being said, something I really enjoy doing is looking at new fall trends. One of the things that caught my eye while searching the web for new fall fashion was featured in Y’s Yves Saint Laurent fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection.

This collection is absolutely to die for and I love the bad girl vibes it gives off. Hedi Slimane did a perfect job at capturing his vision and displaying it on the runway. Though he used mostly dark colors, such as black and gray, he also used white, gold and metallic accents to add pops of color, making the looks even more intriguing.

This type of runway look is translatable into any wardrobe. My favorite part of this line is how easy it is to recreate, and you don’t need all of the high fashion looks! I decided to put my own twist on the Saint Laurent fashion trends by wearing black leggings, a comfy white tank top, a leather jacket and studded black Steve Madden combats.

I definitely think my leather jacket sparked up the whole outfit by toughening it up. To add a more feminine element (since I’m not very grungy) I added the white top. Not only did it add a more feminine component, but it also added some color to my already very dark outfit.

This collection is shown in my outfit through the colors I chose to wear. I used (mostly) all black to stay true to the collection. Slimane’s ready-to-wear fashion line gave me so much inspiration and I love that I was able to put it together by using clothing from my own closet.

Get My Look: 1. Leather jacket. 2. Studded combats. 3. White tank top. 4. Black pants.