Recently, marking four years since his passing, the fashion world continues to pay homage and celebrate the life of Alexander McQueen. Although the titled designer is no longer with us, creative director Sarah Burton of the label has continued to blow us away with amazing runway shows and designs season after season. From Lady Gaga to Kate Middleton or even to us in the everyday life going “gaga” for the fashion house designs, wearers and admirers of the label can agree that it is straight up incredible; who doesn’t love designers who can get away with looks that push fashion standards? Well, to honor the highly anticipated spring season as well as his legacy, I decided to take a journey to the past and admire McQueen’s looks, specifically their ready-to-wear spring 2015 runway looks from the fall.

Today, my look is inspired by the show’s styling choices of skirts paired with leather. For me, these looks, specifically towards the beginning of the show, empower everyday girly girls with girl bosses who like walking on the edge. Although I admit that I usually wouldn’t go with looks as daring as some in the collection, I was easily inspired by the pairings and combinations in materials. First, I began with my knee-length skirt as the base for my outfit. To keep things simple, I then paired one of my favorite staple sweaters and half-tucked it into my selected bottoms. Next, since I have finally invested in my first leather jacket, I couldn’t think of a better way to finish off my look than by adding it over my shoulders to play with my outfit even further.

For accessories, I unfortunately left my leather face mask at home (kidding). I did however incorporate more leather and shine by adding my black clutch and Madewell booties, which complement each other nicely. Although I wish I could go for more of the daring styles that the label produces, I love being inspired after each of their shows and be reminded to step out of my comfort zone in terms of my fashion tastes.

Get My Look: 1. A knee-length skirt. 2. A signature leather jacket. 3. A pair of black heeled boots.