Hey all! This time I am back with a blurb about my own personal style! Personally I am so excited for it to finally be that time of year where the rain storms are as prevalent as my daily latte. The reason isn’t because I love to get water on my face and in my shoes, but in fact, because I can finally layer! Throwing coats over any blouse or sweater creates so much more dimension and excitement to an outfit and I finally have the freedom to do this as much as I wish. Another aspect to layering that I find makes me stand out is the opportunity to put different textures together. Pairing a more casual laid back jacket with a big oversized chunky sweater, like I did here ties everything together while giving me another element of warmth on those colder days. I love that this jacket is substantially longer than the sweater because I feel like it is something a bit unexpected.

The cream cowl neck sweater that I have on is very big and oversized, which I like for this look in particular. I am typically one for wearing something that aides in flattering my body in some sort of way. However, sometimes we have those days where all we want is comfort and this sweater does the job. Not only am I extremely comfortable wearing this look, but it’s also nicely put together, which I am all for.

My favorite aspect of this look would have to be the booties. You may not be able to tell but they are actually rubber rain boot material! They have instantly become my favorite shoes for the fall because they keep my feet so warm and dry. I don’t normally lean toward wearing actual rain boots because I find shoes to be one of the most important parts of an outfit. Once I found that I can disguise something typically meant for rain as normal booties I took the chance. These have to be one of the best shoe purchases I have made recently!

Now it’s time to get honest. I know so many of my friends who are comfortable going to class in sweats and a T-shirt because that’s what they find comfortable, and I totally agree, but I just can’t get myself to do that. I personally find it important to look nice for class but am very adamant on being comfortable 24/7 and that’s why this look is so perfect! The layers allow me to be warm and comfy on the outside but also inside by letting go of my first layer while indoors.

So now my secret is out: I’m a layering fanatic! I love it in any form. and trust me you will see in the future. I challenge you all to go layer as well during these fall months, and I hope you love it as much as me!