STYLE GURU STYLE: Layer, Layer, Pants on Fire

When you live wear the the two seasons are sunny and rainy, “layering” becomes a foreign concept when it comes to clothes. The only time layering made its way to south Florida was that dark period when wearing your jean skirt over your leggings was all the rage. And who can forget the layering different bright colored, spaghetti strap tank tops? Ah, good times, good times. Besides that, layering usually stops at putting a shirt over of your bra. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home but my inner wannabe northerner couldn’t help but get inspiration from the ultra layered BCBGMAXAZRIA fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection.

One of my favorite parts of this line was the theme of a baggy, layered look with darker colors meeting some boho looks. But what I like most about this outfit and even this entire line is how easy it is. After a whole week of three tests, two papers, a quiz and a project it is easy to want nothing more than to stay in bed and never know the feeling of abandoning your pajamas. Give into Netflix for a day but afterward just wear a Piko dress and a messy bun because that is the closest combination you’ll ever find to being in your pajamas in public without actually being in your pajamas in public.

This look includes a white Piko dress, under a thin, knee-length jacket. Keeping winter alive for one more second, I paired it with ankle high, dark brown booties. Lastly, I wore a messy bun to, uh, give it a more boho, grunge look…Okay, fine my hair was gross and unacceptable any other way. Which brings me to another piece of advice: invest in a wide, wrap headband because they are life changing. You will get compliments on your hair even when it’s two days past the wow-I-am-a-disgusting-human stage and coming on the my-mom-would-be-so-disappointed stage. At least that’s what I’ve heard. Because it’s not like I do that. Sorry, mom.

Get My Look: 1. Any solid color Piko dress. 2. A thin, won’t-put-you-into-a-heatstroke jacket. 3. A wide, knotted headband.