Now that the cold weather is really here, it can make it difficult to go out to parties on weekends. I know when I’m picking out an outfit to go to a party or event, the last thing I want to put on is a big sweater and jeans. Though, sometimes it is so cold and that’s all you want to wear! Have no fear though, as I have strategically put together an outfit that is cute, a touch sexy and a whole lot of warm!

I was very inspired by the proportions in Alexander McQueen’s pre-fall 2015 collection. One part of the outfit is oversized and the rest is fits well. The color palette is simple, which can allow a wearer to add a pop of color. I also admire how there is a standout fabric choice among each look, especially the fur.

To achieve this look, choose one half of your body to be oversized, top or bottom, and then build the rest of the outfit around that. Here, I chose my oversized part to be my top half, and then the rest of the outfit would fit closer to the body. Im sporting my vintage men’s denim jacket and even layered a knit sweater under it for extra warmth. To add sexiness, I chose a leather bustier crop top and body con skirt that wouldn’t allow too much of my stomach to be shown. I wore black tights underneath for added warmth. My red Dr. Martens and red lipstick add a pop of color. Dr. Martens are a great winter boot to have. They keep your feet warm and dry during rain or snow and come in so many colors and styles. Although a bit pricey, they are a great investment and will last for years.

Get My Look: 1. An oversized jacket (pick a standout fabric like leather or denim!). 2. A sexy top and skirt or dress. 3. A great pair of tights. 4. A warm, durable pair of boots.