STYLE GURU STYLE: Knee-Length Necessities

Spring has sprung and it is time to pull out all those skirts and crop tops. Yiqing Yin’s spring 2016 collection inspired me put together this look. Her collection is filled with effortlessly flowing ensembles, modest skin exposure and knee-length skirts, all of which scream spring.

I had a fun time transferring this collection to my own wardrobe, beginning with picking the perfect skirt. Circle skirts and button-up ones were out of the question, and then I came across this green, lace skirt with a nude under-lay. It has a feminine vibe that is very reminiscent of many looks from the collection.

The top was a little trickier. Yin’s collection tended to be more risky when it came to the upper half. It became easy when I found this Hollister Co. crop top in my closet. With the cutouts and the fit, it went perfectly with the collection’s theme.

To pull the look together I wore a coin belt and sandals to add a bit of my own style to the look. It brought the ease and flow of Yin’s collection and my boho style together perfectly. While adding my own style to the look, the belt also tied into the collection. It looks similar to the light-up look that Yin put together for the runway. I also stuck to more neutral colors, which were used on this couture runway.

Get My Look: 1. A cutout crop top. 2. A knee-length skirt. 3. A coin belt (or something else that fits into your personal style).