STYLE GURU STYLE: Klein's Reductionism

May 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Klein's Reductionism

This week’s article is all about minimalism. In honor of my 21st birthday and as a minimalist myself, it was natural for my birthday garb to be influenced by no other fashion house than the one who started it all, Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein’s spring 2015 collection redefines the minimalist style for the season with waist-defining, bare and elongating attires. Ever since the ’70s Klein was defined by simple cuts and quality fabrics as his minimalism struck the American psyche’s reductionist nerve.

Wanting to keep my attire simple and classy, I chose a sheer midi skirt from Topshop. This sleek commodity forms part of an expression, both functional and aesthetic as I paired it with a narrow black halter top. Given my non-skyscraper tall stature, my nude sandals help elongate my overall appearance. During the daytime, my kate spade patent leather bag keeps my outfit semi-dressy and holds all essentials for birthday brunches and celebrations. Come night time I simply swapped bags for a silver and black mini. For accent and expression, I added a red lip—I love to fill my lips with Chanel’s lip liner “Rosey;” it’s waterproof and lasts hours!

Let’s not forget, minimalism is not just a style. Purity in style is akin to purity of mind and body to you—a pursuit to find the essence of all things. Minimalism exploits attention to the everyday and to our physical and psychic relationships with our clothes.

Get My Look: 1. A sheer mid-length skirt. 2. Halter top. 3. A comfortable pair of nude sandals.