STYLE GURU STYLE: Kickin’ It With Kimonos

March 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

In Erin Fetherston’s pre-fall 2016 Collection, Fetherston uses a lot of floral, especially daisies, taking us back to a time similar to the ’70s. Each piece flows with floral prints, stripes or basic colors and comes in the form of a dress or a jumpsuit. The patterns hold duller colors like dark blue, black, white and gray. She uses embroidered trims to accent each piece. Each look is completed with simple wedges. This look is elegant and casual.

I absolutely love kimonos. They’re the perfect way to make a simple outfit dressier. This simple black kimono with embroidered ends relate to Fetherston’s embroidery on each of her dresses and the dull color it brings. They add extra flow which contributes to the overall flair of the outfit. The simple black top serves as a good contrast to the floral shorts.

The shorts are a personal favorite of mine as it can make me feel like I’m putting in actual effort, like one does when they wear a skirt or dress, but really they are super comfortable and look great. The print is filled with white daisies and the black embroidery at the bottom of the shorts adds subtle detail.

I opted for some basic nude booties in order to make the main focus of the piece be on the kimono and floral shorts. It adds to the simplicity of the look. This outfit is super comfortable and classy and pulls a nice twist on Fetherston’s ’70s-like look.

Get My Look: 1. Kimono. 2. Floral shorts. 3. Simple booties.