STYLE GURU STYLE: Key Items Say What?

March 31st, 2016 at 2:10am

Lately I have been wanting to revamp my closet. I looked through countless YouTube videos on how to find my style, and many of them talked about key fashion items. One key fashion item that was mentioned time and time again was having a leather skirt. I went through my closet and started looking for my key fashion item. I found my beautiful heat set pleated faux leather skirt, a big slouchy sweater, tights and ankle boots.

To find the perfect styling tips for these garments, I was inspired by the Isabel Marant spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Make it or break it, Marant definitely makes it. Just like many of Marant’s styling methods in this collection, with mixing together mini-skirts with slouchier tops, I decided to do the same. On top of mixing these silhouettes together, Marant also sticks to a pretty monochrome palette.

I paired my pleated skirt with a big slouchy sweater. To add my own style to this look, I decided to tuck in the big slouchy sweater into the skirt at the waist line a little. This is a really easy way to keep the silhouette of a slouchy sweater, but also to show the details of the pleated skirt. The small tuck allows me to show off my figure, as well. To add more of my own vibes, I unquestionably kept with a monochrome look to achieve a Parisian feel. Last but definitely not least, to top this outfit off, I wore black tights and heeled ankle boots with a small button snap on the sides.

These simple key items in my closet really helped me create a timeless look. Whether it is for school or work, I could wear this outfit anywhere and feel comfortable.

Get my look: 1. Big slouchy sweater. 2. Pleated skirt. 3. Black tights. 4. Heeled ankle boots.