STYLE GURU STYLE: Keeping It Cul(ottes)

On the rise, Mara Hoffman made quite the debut (at least in my book) for spring 2015. Although her typical aesthetic screams eclectic, she sensed a need for maturity in her work. A switch from her loud graphics, her silhouettes did most of the talking—and boy, do they speak volumes. From crop tops to floor sweeping maxi dresses, this collection has everything a fashion girl could need for the quick approaching summer months. Hoffman’s collection represented her younger clientele growing up to an older, more sophisticated woman. So, where there were sprinkling of patterns they were done on a larger scale, were featured on her funky swimwear pieces or were showcased as “electrolyte” needlework.

It shouldn’t be surprising to you Fashionistas/os that culottes are a hot ticket this spring. Mara Hoffman’s presentation of culottes was done in a way I had not yet seen before. Instead of a stiff denim or leather (which would be hot for summer), Hoffman capitalizes on lightweight and natural fabric choices like cotton and linen to align her free-spirited aesthetic. I decided to go a different direction with my ensemble. While my culottes are composed a lightweight crepe, their color makes them appear heavy. Black is a far easier color to test run a new silhouette than a print, or so I’ve come to learn (it’s also a primary color in my closet). I also strayed from the beach-y vibe of Hoffman’s show to portray a cool girl look. Pairing these culottes with a faux leather jacket and strappy heels has been my favorite combination yet. Stepping out of my comfort zone for these long shorts helped me find a new side of my style.

Culottes made their debut several season ago, but have only surfaced as of recent; granted they are still working their way up the social acceptance chain. These are my first pair and incorporating them into my closet was difficult to say the least. Despite the easy color, I quickly learned the length and silhouette of these long shorts were never intended for a small frame. Nevertheless, I was determined to work these into my everyday style. I love the way they instantly add class to an ordinary work outfit. I love the way they look with flats, ankle booties and strappy heels. Above all, I love the deep rooted message behind such a masculine piece designed for women. Culottes for president, am I right?

Get My Look: 1. Below-the-knee culottes. 2. Biker babe jacket. 3. Essential strappy heels.