Okay, so I know I can’t be the only one that stops in utter admiration every time I lay my eyes on an Elie Saab dress. These pieces display a level of detail and craft that is hard to match. The dresses for the spring 2015 couture line are especially intricate and feminine. Delicate laces, tulle, pastel colors and light flowy detailing makes this line an ideal spring look for not only magnificent events, but also for inspiration for daily spring looks.

It’s springtime, which is usually a signal that one of my favorite times of the year is here—festival season. South by South West in Austin, Texas and Coachella Music Festival in California are two of the spring’s biggest festivals. Fashionistas/os usually bring out their best looks for these festivals, which makes them a great place to observe the latest trends. Festival fashion can range from bohemian vibes during the day to full on grunge at night. In the spirit of the times I decided to pull out a look in my closet for the upcoming events.

I used Elie Saab’s dresses as an inspiration for my look. My look is centered around the bohemian festival look with its excessive free-flowing pieces and floral. The most eye-catching piece of my outfit is the beautiful ombré floral wide leg pants. The lightweight material and smooth transition of the colors make these pants perfect for a breezy day of music. I paired my flowy bottoms with a tight black crop top to add some fit to the outfit. I decided to top the outfit off with one of my favorite pieces—my long cream lace shawl. This piece is a festival staple that looks great with just about anything. I finished off with my black hat, black platform sandals and a gold pearl floral necklace.

This outfit looks very intricate and dressy, but is extremely comfortable. The key to true festival fashion is to look put together but also be comfortable. The combination of walking, hours of standing and crowds of people can be an even bigger bummer if you’re dressed uncomfortably. Whether you’re going to a festival or not, you can incorporate this style on any day and turn heads.

Get My Look: 1. Wide leg pants.  2. A fitted crop top. 3. A long shawl.