STYLE GURU STYLE: Just Wangin' it

Remember back a couple months ago when Alexander Wang’s collaboration with H&M was released? If not, I do. They were all amazing pieces that I both couldn’t afford and couldn’t get due to the limited pieces sold. However, I enjoy his clothes and style; that’s why I was inspired by his spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. His collection looks very minimalistic and monotone at times, but I love that about it. You can never go wrong with blacks and whites in my opinion.

This outfit that he’s created is a simple short sleeve shirt and skirt combo. They make very good use of texture; both the shirt and skirt seem to be perforated. I think he used texture as a way to add design rather than using color and patterns. When I was going to recreate this look I thought about textures and how the difference between the skirt and the shirt would make each piece stand out. With that, I chose a black shirt with a vertical, textured pattern on it that contrasts with the smooth texture, or lack there of, on the skirt. If you were to recreate this look you could go a bit more drastic than I did. There is this distressed shirt from Forever 21 that reminds me of the shirt worn in the runway show because of its use of perforation to add style and design to the shirt. This shirt makes the outfit a little more casual than that in the runway show, but it’s perfect for an outfit out if paired with heels or jewelry. For the shoes, I thought I would go for something a little more casual. Though these aren’t the real deal, I like the look of Birkenstocks, and when paired with a dressier outfit they bring character and personality to the person wearing them. It shows that you’re laid back and enjoy being comfortable. You can get the real deal pair or Birkenstocks from Nordstrom.

Get My Look: 1. Get a textured or perforated shirt of your choice color. 2. Get a skirt or skort of the same color.I love these skorts from Topshop because they are nicely structured and ribbed for a textured effect. 3. Pair that with your choice of shoe: heels for going out, Birkenstocks for a casual look.