STYLE GURU STYLE: Jumping Patterns

May 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

Jumpsuits. When asked, some may say it’s an article of clothing used by airmen and soldiers; others may say they saw a couple on the runway from the latest show. Either way, jumpsuits have paved their way through history whether it’s on the backs of serviceman or the bodies of runway models. The Alberta Ferretti spring 2015 ready-to-wear show was whimsical and beautiful. Ferretti’s show was full of neutrals, florals and refreshing pieces. It was almost a fairytale of the ’70s. Gorgeous is an understatement. This was inspiring to say the least.

Today I wanted to go for it and take part of this reoccurring trendy piece of clothing. I wear pretty much all-black on a daily basis and I wanted to step out of the box with this piece. Black is always a flattering shade, but it was time for a little change. I stuck to something that has neutral colors but spiced it up a bit with the tribal pattern. I’m slowly pushing myself into wearing prints and colors other than black.

This show inspired me to not only experiment in trying new silhouettes but patterns and colors also. It’s not so bad once you try it out. Black is timeless but color and patterns are always eye-catching and will instantly freshen up a classic silhouette. Spring is here and summer is on its way! I have definitely been inspired to step out of my comfort zone and try new things during the warmer months coming up.

Get My Look: 1. An awesome jumpsuit. 2. A wide brimmed hat. 3. The perfect choker.