STYLE GURU STYLE: Jumping Into Spring

February 1st, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Jumping Into Spring

This is a classic spring go-to look: a floral dress, dainty sandals, and long earrings, all to convey the delicate joys of the season with gardens blossoming and the earth blooming once again. I love this long dress from Boohoo because its long sleeves keep me warm since spring transitions from winter to summer and often has chilly days. Meanwhile, the dress’s cold shoulders add not only a touch of boho-chic but also keep spring’s promise of warmth in mind, which allows me to enjoy the occasional wind chill before summer’s extreme heat.

I paired this dress with these dainty black sandals because the linear design of the sandals bring out the dark brown linear edges of the dress. This way, the outfit isn’t too overbearing with a floral presence, as the shoes focus to emphasize a different aspect of the dress. The long, linear earrings function to do the same—not clash with the curves and intricacies of flowers and instead keep things linear and therefore simple. The outfit offers balance in its shapes without clashing itself.

For my makeup, I used Colourpop’s liquid lipstick in the “frick n’ frack” shade and Tarte’s eyeshadow pallete to give my face a light and warm glow for spring.

Since spring is my favorite season, I wanted to create an outfit that is the embodiment of spring. Hopefully you all love this look as much as I do!