STYLE GURU STYLE: Jackets Are The Bomb For Fall

November 14th, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Jackets Are The Bomb For Fall

Trends this fall have been all about outerwear. From shearling to trench to leather, the jacket you wear can make an outfit. One thing I love about fall is how simple, yet chic, my wardrobe can be. I can have loads of basic pieces with a handful of statement items and still create exciting looks. One trend that has exploded this year has been the bomber jacket and I have been absolutely loving it.

While being in college, I’ve truly tried to perfect the art of finding look-alike designer pieces. This month’s look was inspired by Gucci’s spring collection. Alessandro Michele really put the silk embroidered bomber jacket in the spotlight and it has continued to be a hit as we move into fall. These jackets continue to be so popular because they can transition into any season. They can be lightweight with bright colors for spring and summer, while becoming more of a puffer bomber with darker color palettes for fall and winter.

Since the weather here in Kentucky is still in the 80s, I decided to pair my jacket with a silk crop top and a pair of high-waisted jeans. To continue the Gucci inspired look, I wore my pointed toe black backless slides. Based on the past couple of seasons, we definitely know that chokers add that perfect flare, so I knew I had to incorporate it here. Finally, I topped the outfit off with a pair of oversized black square sunglasses to give it that extra edge.

This jacket can be worn casually with jeans like I did here, or could be worn with a bodycon dress and knee-high boots for a Girl’s Night Out! Us Fashionista/os know that outerwear can transform any look from bland to fab! No matter how you wear it, these jackets for fall are the BOMB!